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Pricing plans are the plans on the basis of which you charge money to the merchants.

It is important to create Pricing Plans for your app. You can create multiple kinds of Pricing Plans via SmoothCode dashboard and we will handle upgrades and downgrades for you.

You can access our Pricing Plans using our Pricing APIs

Types of Pricing Plans

We support 3 kinds of Pricing Plans:

  • Free
  • One Time Charge
  • Subscription Based
    • Monthly Recurring
    • Annually Recurring


These plans doesn't charge anything from the merchants. 

One Time Charge:

These plans charges the merchants once and upfront 

Subscription Based

These plans charges the merchants on a periodic basis. You can choose to charge the merchant on a monthly basis or an annual basis

These kind of plans can have a trial period as well.

Creating a Pricing Plan

Click on App Pricing tab and click on Add Pricing Plan

Once the dialog box appears, do the following:

  1. Enter the name of the Plan
  2. Choose the Type of the Plan (Free/Paid)
  3. Enable as default plan
    • If this is checked, this will be default plan attached to the merchant at the time of installation
  4. Enable Plan on App Dashboard
    • If this is checked, this plan will be fetched while fetching your plans using our Pricing APIs

One Time Charge

For creating a One Time Charge

  1. Select Plan type as Paid
  2. Select the Pricing Cycle as One time Charge
  3. Enter the amount. (All the prices are in USD)

Recurring Plans

For creating a Recurring Subscriptions

  1. Select Plan type as Paid
  2. Select the Pricing Cycle as Monthly Recurring or Annual Recurring
  3. Enter the amount. (All the prices are in USD)
  4. You can also enable Trial Days. Select the checkbox Enable trial for the plan and enter the number of Trial days

Using APIs to Handle your Billing

Here are the following APIs that should be used in your Shopify App

  • You can list the pricing plans that you created on SmoothCode
  • upgradeLink:
    • With every plan there's a field attached: upgradeLink
    • You can redirect the merchant to this upgradeLink if you want to activate this plan for the merchant
    • You need to add shop query parameter to the upgradeLink
    • Ex:
      • upgradeLink
  • This is the same upgradeLink that is mentioned in the above example. 
  • You can upgrade or downgrade merchant's plan using this API

If you face any issues. You can always contact us and we will be ready to help you with this.

Contact us using Support on the dashboard

You can also book a call with us on SmoothCode

Happy SmoothCoding

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